East meets West in this perfectly matched paring of Scandi cool and Japanese simplicity

What is Japandi interior design

Japandi (sometimes flipped around and called Scandenese) is a design trend that blends elements of both traditional Japanese and traditional Scandinavian design. It became something of a buzzword in 2018 and shows little sign of diminishing in popularity.

The concept behind Japandi design is that both Japanese and Scandinavian design share a lot of similar characteristics. Both feature natural materials, especially wood, quite heavily, whilst botanicals are an essential element in both styles.

The key to Japandi, however, is how the two styles are able to soften the excesses of the other. Traditional Japanese design can feel too cold and minimal for some people whilst Scandinavian design can be too ‘soft’ and pale for others. The blend of the two can create a perfect mix of relaxation, homeliness and minimalism.

Japandi Interior Design Moodboards for 2021

Japandi interior design colour schemes are not just limited to whites and blacks. Yes, neutrals tend to dominate just as they do in Japanese and Scandinavian colour schemes. But, if you are a fan of colour, there are ways to introduce suitable ‘pops’ of non-neutrals!

Below are some Japandi interior design moodboards to provide you with some inspiration.

Wood Tones

Yes, Japandi is not all about the neutral beige, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go that way!

This look is all about the wood. Mix natural wood with toffee, beige and cream tones. Add some sharp black tones to add to the Japanese feel. Think minimal furniture, straight lines and, of course, wood.

Japandi moodboard wood tones

Cool and crisp

If you are looking for something neutral but want some more ‘brightness’, then this could be the look for you. Think clean, crisp white with lots of botanicals. Add some cozy textiles to pull in the Scandinavian feel.

Japandi moodboard cool and crisp

Time to blush

If you are looking to add some more colours to your Japandi scheme beyond ‘the neutrals’, then you can’t go wrong with soft blush pink. Go all out and make this the main colour for your scheme and soften with a background of neutrals. As always, plants and soft textiles are a must for bringing in the Japandi.

Japandi moodboard time to blush

Black and Gold

Need something more dramatic? Japandi doesn’t have to be all about the calm and zen. There’s plenty of room for a bit of glamour. Metals are your friend here-think rustic, hammered metals to keep with the Japanese feel. Black and simple lines will add some Scandinavian cool.

Japandi moodboard black and gold

Perfectly imperfect

Have you heard of the Japanese pottery concept kintsugi? Briefly, it means that instead of throwing away broken or cracked pottery you put it back together using gold laquer. You find beauty in the ‘imperfect’.

This is great backdrop for a colour scheme for Japandi if you are more of a mix-and-match person or don’t have a big budget to redo everything at once. Just add some vintage throws or blankets to embrace the Scandi feel and you’re good to go!

Japandi moodboard perfectly imperfect

I hope you enjoyed this selection of Japandi moodboards and feel inspired to create your own Japandi haven at home! I would love to see photos of what you have created-drop them in the comments to inspire others and remember to share this post before you leave to spread the Japandi love!